About Our Business

We offer tools to aid you in the marketing of your homes and projects,
especially when those projects exist only in paper form. Presentations to governmental agencies, architectural review
boards, and lenders are streamlined by your ability to demonstrate your project based upon real life site conditions.

We strive to create images that give your clients an accurate portrayal, with aesthetic appeal, within  time and budget  
constraints .

Since 1984, we have leaned on our land development experience, scientific background, and marketing savvy to develop
the ability to produce high quality photo realism for print and web delivery .

If your offices are not in Grand Junction, CO we may not seem be the most convenient company to consider when you make
your selection. However, we utilize the myriad of communication tools available through the web to make the design
process effective.
Who is RLT LLC
Rod Thonen A.S.A.I.  Freelance and Contract visuals. Geologist, Land
What our clients say about us:

The site perspective you did for us is incredible!
You turned a boring 2 dimensional drawing into a colorful, lifelike 3-D aerial photograph of our proposed community.
This rendering really won the day with the municipality and has been an incredible help in demonstrating our vision
for the community at multiple community meetings.  Next, we plan to use your perspective in our marketing
materials.  It portrays the project better than any written description or engineering drawing ever could."

Bruce Pitts, President
Revere Development Company
Roanoke Rapids, NC